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Christmas Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Here are some very important Christmas safety tips for pet owners.

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Christmas undoubtedly is the best time of the year for both humans and pets.

However, there are some things that while fun and safe for humans, are actually very dangerous for pets.

It is very important to know what is safe, and what is unsafe for pets during this holiday.

So I made a list of items and foods that can pose danger to your pets:

Christmas Tree & Ornaments

Golden Retriever dog with a Christmas wreath around his neck

Christmas is no fun without decorations right?

However, it can be dangerous for your pets.

Dogs and cats have the tendency to climb and knock over Christmas trees, and even chew on the lights and ornaments.

Chewing on the lights are especially dangerous when it’s plugged into the outlet.

The ornaments pose a great danger as well. Smaller ornaments can be swallowed and your pet can choke on it. Or worse, if they break it and swallow the pieces, it can cause damage to their throat or intestines and even cause death.

So if you have a pet that loves to climb and chew on things, I highly recommend that you secure the tree somehow, or place it somewhere the pet can’t get to it.


  • For smaller dogs and kittens you could buy a “pet or baby gate” to create a barrier between the pet and the tree.

You can either use it to keep the pet out of the room, or put it around the tree. However this might be too small for large dogs. For larger dogs, get a taller gate.

  • Use a water sprayer to spray water on the pet if they approach the tree. Make sure it’s just water (or lemon water) only. Never use chemicals on your pet!

  • Get an artificial tree instead of a real one. Most pets lose interest in fake trees because they don’t have a scent, and well… because they are fake. I guess real trees are more interesting for them.

  • Get a smaller tree and place it above the ground (like on a table) so your pet can’t get to it.

  • Place the tree outside, not in the house.

  • Or if you don’t want to do any of the above, at least never leave your pet unattended. If you leave the house, put your pet somewhere else. Like in an other room, or an appropriate sized crate.

Food and Snacks

Christmas also means good food and tasty cookies, and family coming over.

But unfortunately not every Christmas food is safe for your dog.

Here is a list of common Christmas food items that are very dangerous for your pet.

  • Chocolate*

  • Sweeteners, especially Xylitol*

  • Grapes & raisins

  • Alcohol

  • Onions and garlic

  • Macadamia Nuts

  • Avoid nuts in general

  • Nutmeg

Some more info:


Very dangerous for pets.

Never give them any chocolate, or any cookies etc. with chocolate.

It can actually cause heart attack in pets.


Xylitol is also extremely dangerous for pets. Even a small amount can be fatal.

To be safe, do not give anything to your pet (and tell your guests as well), unless it was meant for them in the first place.

If your pet gets very curious and nosy when people are eating etc., get some toys and treats for him to play with.

Personally I use a Kong toy for my dog when we have people over, or have food on the table. This is a great toy to keep him busy and distracted.

Make sure to get the right size and type for your dog! And don’t forget to put some sort of a treat for him in it, or he won’t play with it.

Dangerous & Poisonous Christmas Plants for Pets

  • Poinsettia

  • Lilies

  • Mistletoe

  • Pine needles

  • Holly

  • Amaryllis

Be sure to keep this plants out of your home if you have pets. Or at least make sure they can’t get to it.

Baby it’s cold outside…

dog walking in the snow

Don’t ever leave or chain your dog out in the cold, especially in the snow!

Dogs need to enjoy the holidays with you, in a warm home filled with love, not alone in the freezing cold!

In some States it is actually illegal to leave your dog out in the freezing cold! So don’t do it!

I hope both you and your pets stay safe during this Holiday Season!

Happy Hollidays to all of you!