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Dog Friendly Rainbow Springs

Legend has it that the beautiful sapphire-blue waters of Rainbow Springs possesses magical healing powers.

Is it true?

I guess you’ll just have to visit and find out for yourself.

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While no-one knows if the legend is true or not, you will find that taking a dip in the cool 72-degree waters of this gorgeous Spring is indeed magical.

Especially in the hot summer months of Florida!

Here are some key facts about the Spring and the Park:

  • Rainbow Springs is one of Florida’s largest springs.

  • There is a small fee to enter the park so bring cash.

  • The park IS PET FRIENDLY! (Except for the spring swimming area).

  • The depth of the spring varies from 5 to 18 feet.

  • The water stays 72-degrees all year round.

  • The spring has a series of small vents which pump out more than 400 million gallons of water a day.

  • The trail in the park is approximately 2.5 miles long, perfect for hiking.

  • There are several man-made waterfalls you can see while you hike.

  • The Spring is pretty old. Evidence shows that Native Americans began visiting the spring over 10,000 years ago!

  • They even found mammoth fossils in the park!

The park also have several great amenities to make your visit even better.

Here are some of the key amenities you should know about:

Concession Stand

If you get hungry or forgot to pack a sandwich, you can find a concession stand/restaurant at the headsprings entrance.

They usually serve sandwiches, snacks, soft drinks and ice-cream.

The headsprings entrance is located at:

19158 S.W. 81st Place Road Dunnellon FL 34432


The parks has easily accessible restroom facilities.

Rainbow Spring Swimming Area

Crystal clear blue water of Rainbow Spring Florida

There is a designated swimming area within the park, so swimming and snorkeling is allowed only in the buoyed swimming area.

The extraordinarily clear water provides opportunities for swimmers and snorkelers to see turtles, fish and forests of aquatic grass.

So be sure to bring your underwater camera!

You can’t bring rafts, tubes, balls or any beach floats, but you are allowed to wear life preservers or use pool noodles.

Keep in mind that the water in the swimming area is over 10 feet deep, so only experienced swimmers should go in the water. There is NO lifeguard on duty.


Rainbow Springs Park also offers a relaxing hiking opportunity through a 2.5 trail of shady greens, oaks and magnolias.

The trail passes by three gorgeous human-made waterfalls, so bring your cameras! The hiking trail is pet friendly!

The walkways are a mix of brick, concrete and asphalt surfaces so it is accessible for everyone.

Pet Friendly

Well-behaved dogs are welcome at Rainbow Springs State Park, however, they are not allowed to enter the water, including headsprings, swim areas, river and ponds.

They must be kept on a 6-foot leash at all times.

Canoe Kayak Launch

Kayak paddle hanging above the blue water

You can rent kayaks or canoes at the park for a fee.

The kayak rental place is past the headspring swimming area.

You can also bring your own kayak or canoe, however you don’w have direct access to the water from the parking lot, so you will have to carry your water craft to the launching area by hand.

There is NO vehicle access within the park!

Camp Ground

The best way to enjoy the park is to stay all day, and what better way to do this than camping?!

The Park’s campground is located along the Rainbow River at a separate facility a few miles from the main headspring and day use area.

The campground has:

  • Water, sewer and electric hook-ups(20, 30, 50 amp).

  • Maximum allowed RV length is 103 feet.

  • Dump station.

  • Campground store.

  • Showers.

  • Restrooms.

  • ADA accessible restrooms.

  • Laundry.

  • Access to river to fish, swim or paddle,.

  • Pet Friendly (but no dogs allowed in the swimming areas or buildings.

Be sure to reserve your RV site far in advance as availability is limited!

The campground entrance is located at:

18185 SW 94th St Dunnellon, FL 34432 United States