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Dog Friendly St. Petersburg FL

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Thinking about visit the beautiful dog friendly St. Petersburg Florida this Spring?

Then here are my 4 favorite places I recommend to visit with your dog!

Please note: This page contains Affiliate links and /or advertisements, which means I get a commission if you sign up or purchase anything through my links provided, at no extra cost to you!

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St. Petersburg is a truly unique place.

There is something for everyone.

What excites you the most?

  • Sunbathing on white sandy beaches?

  • Opportunity to see lots of dolphins?

  • Kayaking on the beautiful turquoise waters?

  • Snorkeling?

  • Dining on a yacht & viewing the sunset?

  • Camping by the sea?

  • Visiting museums?

  • Drinking a margarita with a gorgeous view of the Golf?

  • Visiting islands and collecting unique sea shells?

  • Horseback-riding on a beach?

  • Staying in luxury hotels by the beach?

  • Walking by the water and just relaxing?

  • Nightlife?

Well you can do ALL of these in St. Petersburg Florida!

Do you know what is even better?

You can do most of these with your pup!

Quick Guide Tips

person pointing on a map with her finger


Recommended free parking would be in Vinoy Park.

In downtown most places you will have to pay and it is very hard to find free parking.

Pet Friendly Hotels

(Please note I’m NOT an affiliate with any of the places listed below. They are just my personal recommendations based on experience!)

The best pet friendly stay if you ask me would be through Airbnb. There are several pet friendly homes for rent in the Downtown St Pete area.

If you are looking for a hotel option only you can check out:

  • Hyatt Place St. Petersburg/Downtown

  • Hollander Hotel Downtown St. Petersburg

Pet Friendly Restaurants & Bars

In my experience most restaurants that have outdoor seatings in Downtown are dog friendly, so just pick a restaurant you like and ask.

But I know for sure in Downtown St. Pete – Beach Dr NE and at The Mall at Sundial you can find lots of dog friendly restaurants.

If you are looking for a dog friendly bar, check out "The Dog Bar". It is an awesome bar with a private off leash dog park.

Ok, so let me tell you about my favorite 4 places I go with my dog!

Note:To see my pictures and videos of these 4 places below ,please check out my Instagram account! I post all pet friendly travel photos there.

Vinoy Park

Squirrels on a tree with a peanut in its mouth

Vinoy Park is a short walk from Downtown St. Petersburg, just past the marina.

This park offers a long concrete trail running alongside the beautiful water where you have a chance to see dolphins and stingrays.

There is also a small public beach where you can sunbathe and enjoy the water, however dogs are not allowed on the beach.

Your pup will enjoy the warm breeze from the sea and the large grassy areas full of squirrels and even parrots!

This park also has a well kept dog park, both for small and large dogs.

You will also see a small botanical garden where you can walk trough with your pup if you want to get away from the sun.

There are several things you can do at this park:

  • Picnic on the green grass while enjoying the view of the sea.

  • Put up your hammock by the water and relax.

  • Take a nice walk.

  • Roller-skate.

  • Bike.

  • Swim at the beach.

  • Watch and listen to playful wild parrots while you relax or walk.

  • Watch friendly squirrels play.

  • Have your pup play at the dog park.

Note about the squirrels:

They are very friendly as they got used to people feeding them. However they are wild and they might bite. They also have super sharp nails!

So be careful and feed them at your own risk.

Also be sure you only give them food they can actually eat!!!

Parking at Vinoy Park is also free, which is a plus point.

St. Petersburg Pier

concrete pier reaching far into the Sea in St Petersburg Florida

Just a short walk from Downtown and Vinoy Park, there is the must visit pier.

The pier offers several restaurants/bars including one at the very tip of the pier with a spectacular view of the Bay.

Please note some of these restaurants might not allow pets.

You will also find museums, a public beach and play area for kids at the pier.

There are also dog poop bags located all over the pier for your convenience.

I personally love to walk with my dog here because the view is amazing!

As a tip, if you don’t mind the walk, I would park at Vinoy Park and walk to the Pier.

While the Pier has its own parking lot, it gets PACKED!