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Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Here are some very important Halloween pet safety tips, every pet owner should know!

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Halloween is a very exciting time for everyone, especially kids, we all know this.

But it is also the most dangerous “holiday” for your pet.

Why? Well lets find out!

You should know and pay close attention to the following to ensure your pet stays safe, and also enjoys this spooky night.

Danger Around The House

From decorations to chocolate, here is a list of common dangers your pet can come across during Halloween season!


5 Halloween style chocolate cake pops

A must for a fun Halloween, but not for your pet.

Chocolate is toxic for pets because of a component called theobromine.

Theobromine is a chemical substance that can be found in cacao plant, and is very similar to caffeine.

Unlike us, pets cannot effectively metabolize this chemical, which can lead to illness, and if they eat large amounts, even cardiac arrest and death.

The darker the chocolate, the more danger it poses for them.

While a tiny piece won’t cause too much problems, you should make sure anything that has chocolate in it (or on it), is put somewhere when pets can’t reach.

If you have kids, try educating them on not giving anything to the dog, and don’t leave chocolate lying around.


Candy is just as dangerous for dogs as chocolate. Even if isn’t a chocolate candy.

Sugar isn’t healthy for pets!

So be sure to keep all halloween candy away from your pets.

A lot of candies nowadays have a sugar substitute called Xylitol, which is very toxic for pets.

Even a small amount can be fatal.

Also, candy wrappers if swallowed, can cause serious damage to your pet’s intestines, not to mention they can choke on it too!


Now let’s talk about your Halloween decor.

Yes, you are free to decorate, however make sure your pets don’t chew on them.

Chocking and intestinal blockage are one of the biggest dangers around Halloween and the Holidays.

Pets, especially dogs, can swallow smaller decorations, which can lead to chocking or intestinal blockage.

Both can be very dangerous and fatal, not to mention very expensive to handle at the Vet.

Try to hang decorations high, where your dog can’t reach them.


4 people in Halloween costumes walking up to a house

Be sure to secure your pet when trick-or-treaters come to your home.

Even if your pet is kid friendly, dangerous accidents can happen.

Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Your pet runs out the door (if you have an escape-prone pet).

  • Dog jumps on kids, and kid gets hurt (you could get sued and stuff).

  • Kids can give your dog candy or chocolate without you knowing.

So it is best if you secure your pets just in case.

Now this doesn’t mean you have to lock them up!

You can just have them on a leash where they are under your control.

Or use a baby gate or pet gate to keep your pet away from the front door.

Check out my favorite Pet Gates!!!

Better safe than sorry

These are just the most common dangers your pet can come across.

Always keep an eye on your pets, and make sure they stay safe.

Have a great Halloween!


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