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Is Pumpkin Safe For Pets

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

A quick note about if pumpkin is safe for pets or not.

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Pumpkin for Dogs

brown dog with a pumpkin

Can dogs eat pumpkin? The answer is, absolutely!

Pumpkin is high in fiber, several vitamins and antioxidants, and it even helps support healthy digestion in dogs.

In fact, pumpkin (especially organic plain canned pumpkin) is great for treating constipation and even mild diarrhea in dogs.

Pumpkin regular added to a dogs diet even helps with weight management.

Also, pumpkin has a high water content, so it even helps keep your pooch hydrated.

There are several ways you can give pumpkin for your dog.

Add pumpkin pure to their food

Note: only buy organic pumpkin pure with no seasonings or sugar etc. Just plain pumpkin! Be sure to look at the ingredients before you buy.

Just mix pumpkin puree with your dog’s food.

This is just from personal experience, not a must, but here is some help if you don’t know how much to give him.

1 teaspoon for small breeds

2 teaspoon for medium sized dogs

3 teaspoon for large dogs

Make treats

There are several awesome treats you can make with pumpkin.

Here is a link to an awesome Easy Pumpkin Dog Treats Recipe you can try!

You pooch should love it! Mine does!!!

Make fillers for dog toys

Pumpkin is a perfect filler for dog toys.

I personally mix about 2-3 teaspoon of pumpkin with dog’s food or fill his favorite Kong toy with it.

Or you could just smear some pumpkin pure by itself on the inner walls of the Kong dog toy and let him lick it out.

Or to make it even better, you could mix some peanut butter (xylitol free) with it. He will love it!

You can either freeze it, or just give it to him as is to play with it.

However, he will make a mess! So I don’t let him play with it on the furniture.

Pumpkin for Cats

Did you know that pumpkin is safe for cats to eat too?! Not only that, most cats love it!

I personally don’t have experience giving baked pumpkin to cats, but I regularly add organic pumpkin pure to my cat’s dry food.

Like I mentioned above, pumpkin is high in fiber and has several vitamins, therefore it’s very healthy for cats too.

Pumpkin is a great addition to the cat’s diet as it’s not only healthy, but it also helps in weight management. And as we know, some cats tend to get chubby…

Also, just like with dogs, pumpkin can help your cat if he is constipated, and helps to keep him hydrated.

So go ahead, and give some pumpkin pure to your cat and see if he likes it.