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Is Your Home Safe For Your Cat?

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Do you know if your home is safe for your cat?

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Most people don’t know, but your home can have countless dangers that can harm your cat.

Cats love to discover and examine everything closely, which can make your home or even your garden dangerous for them.

So lets go over some of the dangers your home can have, and what you should handle before getting a cat.

The obvious ones first.

Pest Killers or Repellents

Make sure you don’t have any roach traps, or rodent traps and poisons around.

If your cat plays with them and eats from them, it will kill him.

Also don’t use any bug killing sprays while your cat is present. It can make him very sick.


Put away all chemicals such as bleach, cleaners, detergent, paint etc. in a secure cabinet your cat can’t get to.

All of these are very dangerous for your cat.

Now lets go around your home and make sure the following areas are cat proofed.

Living Room

cat laying on the table next to a mug and a vase

Let’s go over what dangers your living room might have for your cat.


Make sure there are no wires visible and hanging.

Cats love to play with and chew on wires, which is very dangerous as he can easily get electrocuted, not to mention it will ruin your appliances.

Secure all wires for the TV, speakers, phones etc. Even your phone charger.

You can buy a wire protector to protect or hide your wires.

Make sure it’s chew proof.


There are several plants that are toxic for cats.

Cats love to play with, rub against and chew plant leafs or flowers, which can poison them if it’s toxic for them.

Before buying indoor plants make sure they are safe for your cat.

Movable Objects

Cats also love to play with anything that can be moved.

I’m sure you have seen “funny” videos of cats breaking flower vases or glass objects.

This is very dangerous, not to mention annoying.

Secure or remove any object your cat can play with or break.

If you have children also make sure there are no small toys around the cat can swallow.

A surgery to remove a foreign object from your cat’s stomach can cost you several thousand dollars.

Other Pets

If you have other pets such as fish, turtles or hamsters etc. make sure you secure them too.

We all know cats are curious and mischievous, not to mention they are predators.

Cover aquariums and hamster cages to protect your pets from your cat.


Cat on the kitchen counter next to a couple hanging knifes

Just as with the living room, try to remove or secure all movable objects, especially sharp or glass objects.


Close food cabinet doors, and make sure your cat can’t open it. Trust me, cats learn how to open cabinets.

While cats are less inclined than dogs to steal food from cabinets or the trash, it isn’t uncommon.

Your cabinets can have several food items which are dangerous for cats such as chocolate, seasonings, coffee, raisins, just to name a few.

But food is not the only danger.

For example most people store chemicals like bleach, cleaning sprays, roach killers etc. in the cabinet under the sink, which is very dangerous for cats.

This cabinet, being close to the ground, is an easy access for your feline.

So make sure you secure the doors on all of these cabinets so your cat can’t open them.


Make sure your trash can has a secure lid your cat can’t open.

Cats love to climb in trash cans, flip them over and eat from them. Which is annoying to clean up, and dangerous for your cat.


Never leave your stove’s or dishwasher machine’s door open.

Your cat can climb in them and you might not notice, and you might accidentally turn them on which will certainly not end well for your feline.

Make sure your fridge is closed tightly as well.

I have know cats that figure out how to open some fridge doors, and eat your food.

They also don’t close the door after themselfs, so if you not home your food in the fridge might even go bad.

Burning risk

If you are cooking or grilling, make sure your cat doesn’t climb or play around the stove or grill.

As I said, they are very curious and they love to steal food, which can get them hurt if they step on hot surfaces.

Same goes for a fire place. Make sure your cat can’t get in it or too close to it.