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Pet Safe Area Rugs

Updated: Mar 14

Check out our easy to clean, pet safe Coastal Style Area Rugs!

Why we say "pet safe"?

Because they are non-toxic, super easy to clean and maintain or even fix minor damages your pet might create.

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Why should you buy these rugs for your home?

Wether you have pets, live on the beach or have messy kids, these rugs will fit your lifestyle.

With lots of designs to choose from, these rugs will make your coastal home look beautiful and unique.

However, these rugs are not just for coastal homes! We have lots of designs that will look great in any home!

Here is some information about our rugs:

Our rugs are made with Olefin Fiber.

Olefin Fiber is a synthetic fiber made from Polyolefin.

The advantages of our rugs are:

- easy to clean

- colorfast

- water repellent

- mothproof

- antistatic

- pet friendly and non-toxic for pets

- could be used indoor or outdoor

- and of course excellent quality

Where can you place the rug in your home?

Literally anywhere!

Use it in your dining room, living room, bedroom or even your patio or balcony.

Remember, they are colorfast so the sun won't fade it!

They are also water repellent, but not water proof. However, as long as you leave it on the sun to dry (as soon as it gets wet), you'll be fine.

Cleaning Tips

You come home and your dog peed on the rug? No problem, easy fix!

Your kids spilled food on the rug? No problem easy fix!

Have a pet that sheds a lot? No problem!

With most vacuums you will be able to clean up dog hair and sand/dirt alike.

For homes with pets we recommend you getting a vacuum cleaner that is specifically meant for cleaning pet hair. They usually have very strong suction and a brush.

Check out this Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner from Chewy as a perfect example.

For spills, dog pee or other nasty messes you can easily spot clean or even bleach your rug!

Yes, you read it right! You can actually use bleach on our rugs to clean up nasty spots!

Spot clean

For most common spills you can just use soap and water, or any carpet cleaning solution.

To clean a dirty spot on your carpet:

- Get a dry rag to soak up most of the liquid.

- Use soap & water or any carpet cleaning solution to spray the spot.

- Brush the affected area with a clean hand brush.

-Let it dry

For nastier spills you can do the same but with bleach.



Washing your rug

What if you are coming from the dog beach, your dog decided to roll all over your rug and now it stinks like a wet dog?

No problem!

Bring your rug outside and spray it thoroughly with a hose.

Using you carpet cleaning solution and a brush, thoroughly clean you rug.

Wash all the soap off with the hose.

Get a squeegee and push all the water out of the rug.

Hang it up where the sun can directly dry it. The sun will not fade the color, and it is the simplest way to dry our rugs since you cannot use machines with heat.

If the rug is too heavy for you to hang it, you can also leave it on the ground with direct sunlight to dry.

Fixing minor damages

So you have a puppy or a cat that just likes to ruin everything?

While these rugs are durable they can still be damaged.

Let's say your cat used your rug as a scratching post and now there are some strings coming out on the side of your rug.

Grab a lighter and carefully burn off these strings. That's it, fixed!

Olefin is made from polypropylene which is a type of plastic, so it melts when it comes in contact with heat.

This is why you can't steam clean our rugs.

However, this also makes it easy to fix minor issues like the one above.

Where can you purchase these rugs?

Right here on our website!<