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Safe Fruits For Dogs

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Some advice from pet parent to pet parent:

1. Always check with your Veterinarian before giving anything to your dog (that is not actually made for dogs). Even though I know the list of fruits below are safe for dogs, it’s always a good habit to talk to the Vet juts in case. Better safe than sorry.

2. Always wash the fruits before giving it to your dog.

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It’s always a good idea to wash your fruits. You never know who touched it or what chemicals they used on it before (because they do use chemicals on fruits!).

I even wash the organic fruits just in case. I highly doubt those chemicals would benefit your pup, or you.

Now with that out of the way, let’s continue.

As you probably already know, fruits are very healthy and full of vitamins. We have been eating them for centuries.

But what some people don’t know, is that they are also very healthy for dogs.

However not every fruit is safe for your pup. Some are actually toxic for them.

Below I’ll tell you which ones are healthy and safe for your dog, and which ones are not.

As a suggestion, do not give him too much fruits at once because they can cause diarrhea. Give them in moderation.

List of safe fruits


Full of antioxidants and it has several vitamins including Vitamin C, and it also contains protein which your pup needs.


You can give it to your dog raw or as unrefined coconut oil.

If you give it to him raw make sure to remove the shell.

If you have coconut oil, you can mix it with his food or have him just lick it from his plate.

Did you know that Coconut Oil also helps reduce bad breath?

While it doesn’t replace the good old teeth brushing, giving him some coconut oil will help reduce doggy breath. I personally think raw coconut helps too.

For more info on why coconut is beneficial for your pup, please visit my Coconut for Dogs article.


High in antioxidants and fiber. And of course it also has several vitamins.

Great for dogs raw or you can make some strawberry treats.


Contains sever vitamins including Vitamin C. Very healthy for your dog.

Give it to him raw, but I recommend giving him ripe (more sweet than sour) pineapple as he might not eat it if its sour.

You can also make treats out of it.


Rich in Potassium and Vitamin C

Give it to him just like how you would eat it (without the peel)

You can also make awesome and tasty treats out of it.


High in antioxidants and some vitamins. Also apparently (although I don’t think this is scientifically proven) it helps reduce the possibilities of developing cancer.

Either way, true or not, it is healthy for your dog.

Mix it with his food or make blueberry dog treats.


Excellent source of Vitamins, especially Vitamin C, and Potassium.

Try giving him a piece, he might not like it if it’s sour. Or try making it into a treat.

The following are fruits your dog can eat, but you have to be careful about how you feed it to them. Too much can cause stomach upset and some parts of these fruits can be toxic for dogs.


Has several vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Make sure you peel the mango and remove the pit before giving him a piece.

The skin can be hard to digest for dogs, and they can choke on the seed if they swallow it.

Although mangoes are safe to eat, don’t give him too much as it might cause stomach upset. Mango’s have a lot of sugar in them which is not the best for your pooch.


Has several vitamins, fiber and antioxidants.

Great for making treats!

Apples are a great treat for your dog, but make sure they don’t eat the seeds. It can be toxic for them.

Orange and Tangerine

Excellent source of nutrients, vitamins, potassium and some fiber.

But just like mangos, oranges and tangerines also have quite a bit of a sugar content, so you can’t give your dog too much. Just give it in moderation or it can cause upset stomach.

Also, your dog can’t eat the seeds, and you have to peel them first.


Has several vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Give in moderation as the sugar content can cause upset stomach, and make sure to remove the pit.

The pit of the peach is very hard, and rough. Your dog can choke on it, and if accidentally swallowed, it can cause blockage in his intestine.


Just like peaches, your dog can have some in moderation, but you have to remove the seed as it can cause poisoning in dogs.

Watermelon and Cantaloupe

Watermelon is an excellent summer treat for your dog. It has some vitamins and potassium,and because of its high water content, it makes a great treat on a hot sunny day.

However you need to remove the seeds and the outer green layer first as they are not good for your pup.

This is also true for Cantaloupe.