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Safe Herbs & Flowers For Hamsters

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Do you know which herbs and flowers are safe for hamsters?

Herbs and flowers are very important and beneficial for your hamster.

You want to make sure your hamster is happy and healthy, and lives in an enclosure that approximates his natural habitat as much as possible.

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Different herbs have different beneficial properties such as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflamatory properties, immune system and digestive support, pain relief, and so much more!

This is why herbs and dried flowers are so important!

Mother nature has different flowers and herbs that your hamster feeds on in the wild, so you should include some in his enclosure.

Now each hamster is different, some might not actually eat all the herbs and flowers listed below.

Therefore it’s best if you give him several types all at once and let him choose whichever he likes.

Ok, you are probably asking where do I get these herbs and flowers?

I know, they can be hard to find. Especially if you live in North America.

You probably noticed most of the local pet stores don’t actually carry all of these herbs (if they even have any in the store). They might have some, but not a lot to choose from.

I personally love this box full of flowers and sprays from Etsy! It smells amazing and my hamster loves it.

An other really good one is this Healthy Forage Mix.

My hamster not only loves it, but the herbs and flowers make her enclosure smell better too. At least until she eats them all.

Just sprinkle the herbs and flowers all over his enclosure and he will select out the ones he likes.

But of course, there are other awesome herb mixes out there too.

Just make sure you get the flowers and herbs that are safe for your hamster!

Here is a list of flowers and herbs you can give to your hamster:


Birch Leafs

Black Berry Leafs

Blue Berry Leafs



Blue Cornflower

Dandelion Leafs



Hibiscus Flowers

Marigold Flowers

Dried Nettle Leaf

Parsley Stalks

Plantain Leaf

Raspberry Leafs


Sunflower Petals

Thyme (small quantities)

These are just the ones I use or have used, and I know it is safe to give to hamsters.

However you shouldn’t give too much to your hamster. Just give it in moderation.

I usually sprinkle herbs and dried flowers throughout my hamster’s cage about once a week.

If you have other herbs or flowers you want to give to your hamster, it’s best if you consult your Veterinarian first.

If you want more tips on what you can feed your hamster please visit my other two articles on List of Safe & Unsafe Fruits For Hamster and Which Vegetables Are Safe For Hamsters.

Thanks for reading!